If you are thinking about the ultimate BBQ and outdoor cooking, then look no further than the Big Green Egg.  You can cook absolutely anything on it with precise control over your cooking temperature, so it acts just like an oven.  The difference is in the flavour, as cooking over charcoal gives every dish a beautiful, smoky flavour, while keeping everything moist and succulent.

It’s simple to set up and light, with a variety of cooking options from traditional BBQ to long and slow cooks for your pulled pork shoulder, ribs and brisket.  Once you have finished cooking, you can close the air vents and it puts the charcoal out, so if you only want to cook two steaks, you will only go through a handful of charcoal. The rest you can use for your next cook.

The advantage of buying your Big Green Egg with us is that Sam and I have been cooking on them for 6 years now, and we can give you tips and recipes to get you going. We have a large group of customers who can vouch for how amazing they are to cook with, and when things open up again, we will get back to running courses with them.

It looks like outdoor entertaining will be the only social activity of the summer, so why not invest in a serious BBQ that makes cooking simple, but produce unbelievably delicious food. Come and see what the Big Green Egg looks like, and talk to us if you are interested. 02392 413 576 or email