We have a new Pickle supplier to join our regular pickles: the Crooked Pickle Company make fantastic pickles from the freshest vegetables and fruit and with no artificial colours, preservatives or additives. It’s a lovely range that includes award-winning Bread & Butter pickles that could easily be served with every meal. 

If you are doing any outside entertaining this summer, then bread and butter pickles go superbly with a burger or a pulled pork slider.

If it’s a picnic plan, then cheese and pickles are a traditional combination for a reason – the fresh, acidic, crisp crunch of a pickle contrasts beautifully with the soft, buttery richness of the cheese. Pickles can provide colour and contrast to your cheeseboard, and help clean the tongue between the different cheese choices.

Pickling has been going on for millennia, but has recently gained in popularity again due to the healthy gut benefits. If you grow your own veg, then it’s a great way to preserve the seasonal glut, otherwise come and grab some award-winning pickles from the farm shop and banish the winter blues: let’s get pickled!

Crooked Pickles:
Bread & Butter
Hot Bread & Butter
Korean Pickled Garlic
Pink Herby Cauliflower
Hot Pickled Carrots
Sweet Pickled Carrots

The Real Jam & Chutney Company
Spicy Carrot Pickle

Drivers Pickles
Red Cabbage with Apple
Mini Onions in honey & balsamic
The Pickle Mix
Sweet Cornichons
Pickled Eggs
Pickled Onions