Our new homemade chocolate tortes are seriously indulgent. Made with Belgian Couverture chocolate, this is a grown-up desert and a little goes a long way. They are excellent with some of Simon’s vanilla ice cream, or even better, his lemon ice cream which balances out the richness of the torte with citrus.  Add some perfectly ripe strawberries from the New Forest and you’ve got a magnificent pudding with almost no work.  The chocolate tortes are £5.95 each, and they will easily do two or more people.

Vicky is also making trout & watercress quiche, cheese & tomato quiche, and the following pies: Steak & Ale & Sausage & Onion.  There will be plenty of sausage rolls, Scotch eggs and Jake’s Pork Pies for a Bank Holiday picnic in Stansted Park.