St Georges Mushrooms have started to appear nearly a month late.  They are so-called as they tend to pop up on St Georges day, but with last month’s drought and cold, they very sensibly stayed tucked up in bed until it got a bit warmer.

They grow in pastures and along wood margins, in rings (so if you find one, the other’s are close by). They are creamy white all over, including gills and spores, and as one of the few mushrooms to appear at this time of year, are easier to identify and harder to confuse with other mushrooms.

They are firm, with a strong savoury flavour, and I find a little goes a long way.  As a result they are great as an ingredient within a dish and can be used as you would for normal mushrooms.  They also go well with asparagus, and can be relished on their own.

This is Tom Kerridge’s recipe for St George’s Mushrooms on Sourdough Toast.

Keep an eye out for them in the long grass, and I will have a small quantity available in the shop on a first-come, first-serve basis.