The Joy of Ceps

  The king of wild mushrooms are the ceps (in French), porcini (in Italian) or Penny Bun (good old blighty). They can be found in the UK as early as July until the first frost and are the greatest of all foraged foods. They start popping up after a good … Read More

Wood Ear Fungus

Wood Ear fungus is for the braver of the foragers amongst you – as it looks and feels distinctly like a cold, clammy ear.  However it’s prized for its anti-inflammatory properties, eaten to relieve tonsillitis, swelling, but is also regarded as a powerful anti-carcinogen, used to prevent and treat tumours. … Read More

Lobster Mushroom

On the Hunt for the Lobster Mushroom. While on holiday in Canada catching up with the in-laws, I was tempted with a bit of foraging as we were surrounded by woods.  It had been a hot summer, but it rained the first two days of my holiday. This might annoy … Read More

Mushroom Weather

The summer sun seems to be a distant memory as gales and rain sweep across the sky, but I love the British seasons. I look forward to the autumn colours, but most of all the excited anticipation of wild mushrooms. The excitement stems from the fact that nothing is guarenteed … Read More

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