Spring Lamb is in, and yes, I know it’s not Spring anymore, but it is temperature-wise, and it’s also the perfect time to enjoy lamb.  While Uk lambs can be born anytime from November to June, the majority are born in April and May and grow for 5-8 months, so we are in fact getting early season lamb.

Reared on South Downs meadows just outside Midhurst, the meat has a great flavour while also being tender and delicious.  We have leg of lamb or shoulder for roasting joints, as well as chops and racks.  We can marinate a leg in garlic and rosemary, either on or off the bone or butterflied, while the shoulder is superb slow-cooked having been rubbed in harissa.  If you would like your joint pre-marinated this weekend, just let us know.

We are making fresh Lamb merguez sausages tomorrow, which combined with the Isle of Wight Shatshuka Tomato sauce and a fried egg makes for an incredibly simple and delicious mid-week supper.