It’s hot, safe to gather outside, and ideal conditions for some British BBQ.  Our fantastic butchery team are here to help you with some bespoke BBQ cuts, so if you have a burger recipe, want a special kind of kebab, or are after Jacob’s Ladder or Bavette steak, let us know and the team will prepare your BBQ exactly as you’d like it.  Give them a day or two’s notice, but we cater to most requests.

In the counter this weekend we’ll have plenty of the following:

Burgers: Duck burgers with soy and spring onion, Lamb & Mint and our Beef Burgers

Bangers: A selection of homemade sausages, with Fennel, Garlic & Chilli – Cider, pork & apple – Old English – Lamb Merguez – Cumberland – Chicken & Cranberry – Garlic – Pork & Leek – Beef

Kebabs Choose from chicken, beef rump or lamb kebabs.

Marinated: Spicy Pork Ribs, Chicken – just ask and we can marinate anything in our homemade BBQ sauce

Chops – Lamb and pork chops are fantastic on the BBQ, or go for a beef chop, otherwise known as a Tomahawk steak

Steaks – Fillet, Sirloin, Ribeye, Rump, Skirt all aged on the bone.

Slow-cook Brisket, hand of pork, shoulder of lamb – all for the slow-cook BBQ specialists out there.

Wild – muntjac haunch, butterflied is a superb crowd-pleaser.

So, make sure you get your bespoke BBQ cuts ready for the weekend.