We have some glorious Italian aubergines in the shop this week, alongside padron peppers and the eleven varieties of tomatoes from the Tomato Stall as the season gets properly underway. These Round Italian Aubergines are a variety similar to traditional aubergines but unusually large in size, with a texture that is firm and meaty rather than spongey. Full of flavour and lacking in bitterness, they have a low seed count, making them ideal for stuffing.  They would make a superb vegetarian meal, with a cheesy, tomato stuffing, but also make a superb accompaniment to lamb.

The padron peppers are the easiest thing to cook, fried over a high heat with salt, until lightly browned and soft on all sides, perfect with some sliced, grilled chorizo as an easy snack or starter with a cool glass of white wine.

Then a tomato and mozzarella salad with good olive oil and a couple of leaves of basil.  It’s the easiest dish to prepare, and will genuinely make you happy eating it.