A tomapork is a pork chop with the whole bone left on.  You can have it trimmed, or with the meat and rind kept on, which goes gnarly and crisp on the BBQ – either way, let us know and the butchers will prepare it to suit you.

Nothing quite beats a good pork chop or tomapork on the BBQ: The meat is juicy and succulent, the fat crisps up and the smoky flavours enhance this superb cut.  I always start by cooking rind-side down, so you can start getting the crackling skin going.  You may need to prop up the chops against each other, or use a long pair of tongs.  Once you can see the skin start to crisp up, you can turn the chops back on their side and start to cook them. You need to have your coals white hot, and turn the chops every two minutes for about 8 minutes in total (this depends on the thickness of the chop) but you don’t want to overcook them as they dry out.

Our Scott free-range pork from the South Downs is so good, this will become your easiest and favourite BBQ dish.  Serve with green beans and little roast potatoes.