The Easter Feast is a chance to gather with family (hopefully in the spring sunshine) and enjoy a festive meal without having to worry about presents, crackers and trees.  It’s the perfect time to celebrate the occasion and catch up over a good meal.  We have a variety of suggestions, from the classic leg of lamb to other crowd-pleasers, as well as recommendations on homemade sauces to add a twist.

Our lamb is superb at the moment, as one of our customers emailed in today:

 Picked up a leg of lamb this weekend.  Honestly, best lamb I’ve ever had!

Tender, moist and flavoursome.
Just thought I’d let you know.  Was serving a fair few people and everyone was in agreement.  Thank you!!
(J.D. 29/03/23)
It’s definitely worth the traditional rosemary, garlic and anchovy treatment, but I would highly recommend looking beyond the mint sauce this time.  Try a salsa verde which provides a hit of vibrant green colour and taste that freshens up the plate and works really well with the lamb.  If you are feeling adventurous, then you could also make an aioli flavoured with anchovy or garlic or rosemary. You can either buy a good quality mayo and add the flavour, or make your own with egg, good olive oil and a few extras.  You can use a whizzer and it takes two minutes. Use a yolk or the whole egg, olive oil or sunflower oil, and either vinegar or lemon or lime juice. Add mustard or herbs to flavour, and season. There are lots of instructions on youtube
We also have shoulder of lamb, goat for the Easter weekend, gammon, turkey, goose and Dexter beef (but please pre-order for fowl, roasts and larger cuts).
We have delicious smoked trout, charcuterie, a huge array of cheeses, pies, quiche and loads of great veg to keep you stocked over the Easter weekend.