Lee has been preparing steaks for the bank holiday weekend.

Our steaks are getting fantastic feedback at the moment, and deservedly so.  The main reason why each steak has so much flavour and tenderness is that they are being aged on the bone from whole carcass.  This means that we know where the beef comes from and how it is reared.  It also means we control when the steaks are ready for you.

Most supermarkets and many butchers now only get primal cuts that arrive in a vac pac bag and you have no idea what age they are, where they are from, what breed they are. The butcher takes them out of the bag and slices them to size.

We have another Dexter in the chiller from Angrove Farm in Wiltshire.  Renowned for producing marbled, quality beef, the Dexter are small, so your steaks should be cut thicker.

Lee and Sarah have Sirloin, Fillet, Ribeye and Rump, all ready for the bank holiday weekend. The sun looks destined to make an appearance, and it’s worth getting the BBQ out and celebrating spring with friends and family over a long weekend.

Of course, there’s every other cut available this week as well, but sometimes it’s fun to treat yourself.