We have a new toy in the farm shop courtyard, a spectacular, beautifully designed and robust Asado Grill handmade in Cricket St Thomas by the Somerset Grill company.

The  Asado Gunmetal Grill provides you with an easy wood-fired Argentinian cooking experience, using wood to create embers and the height-adjustable grill to control temperatures over 660mm x 320mm of flexible cooking space.

If you are into wood-fired BBQ and you want to know more about Asado grilling, come and have a look – it’s a mighty machine that has the adaptability to cook every meal grilled to perfection.¬† While the Argentineans adore their beef, this style of cooking works equally well for any meat or veg, and is a truly elemental way of cooking.

We will be running steak nights and asado demos shortly, so keep an eye on our events page.