Last week, Laura from the New Forest Fruit company joined us with their new Strawberry Snack. This delicious pulse-dried snack pack is full of 100% New Forest Strawberries that have been dried in big fat slices, smelling and tasting completely of their excellent strawberries.

The only difference to fresh strawberries is the texture, but they are extremely satisfying to snack on and extremely versatile, ideal for crumbling onto puddings, breakfast cereal, drinks and cocktails.

Pulse-drying is a new process that ensures that the dried strawberry pieces retain their shape, flavour, and nutrients for a delicious, healthy treat.  It enables the New Forest Fruit company to reduce waste, as they can use those strawberries that are too large, small or mishappen, while extending the season when you can enjoy their fruit.

The snacks are grown prepared, packed, and sealed in a Biodegradable bag at their site in the New Forest and you can put the bag into your compost, so come and try some this weekend, we have some to taste at the till.