We have just taken delivery of some glorious Kentish Cobnuts, both in and out of the husk.  Those in the husk are fresh, tender and moist, but will dry out over the next few weeks into the classic hazelnut kernel.  We also have Hampshire walnuts from St Clair’s estate, and some award-winning cobnut oil and walnut oil, both made with 100% nut and nutting else.

The wind, rain, and nights drawing in clearly indicate that Autumn is here, and so are the nuts, so you could try and collect your own.  If you walk along some of the forest rides at Stansted, you will notice large quantities of hazelnut shells, beech mast, and the first of the chestnuts scattered on the forest floor.  Hazelnuts are prized by squirrels and nut weevils, so finding a good crop of nuts in the wild is tricky.  More often than not, you find the shell only, either broken open by the squirrels or devoured on the inside by the weevils.   The beech mast is a favourite of wood pigeon, and large flocks can be found in the beech forests at this time of year.

Nuts are nutrient-dense, full of healthy fats and anti-oxidants and prized by most creatures. The best way to enjoy cobnuts (cultivated hazelnuts) is to grab a handful next time you are in the farm shop and get cracking.  You can eat them fresh out of the shell, or toast them – perfect as a snack, in salads, cereal and loads of different sweet and savoury recipes.

We are hoping for a delivery of wet walnuts soon, with this weather helping them to drop.

  • Cobnuts Golden Husk – £6.50/kg
  • Cobnuts de-husked – £11.99/kg
  • Cobnut Oil – £16.99
  • Walnut Oil – £16.99



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  • A pure delight to peruse the abundance of irresistible offerings – which is all I can do from 3,500 miles away!

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