Dear Friends and customers,

Many of you will already know that I was leaving the shop for new adventures and that has now happened with Jackie starting last week.

It has been a huge adventure, with Fred, over the last 13 years from our humble beginnings in the stable block to the shop you are all used to and enjoy today. I know the shop will continue to grow and flourish under Fred’s command and the wonderful team around him. I know I will still enjoy the shop going forward, albeit from the other side of the counter!

I have met so many wonderful customers and friends over the years that it makes it very sad to be writing this – but new ventures are on the horizon and the time is right to make the move now for both myself and family. I’m sure I will see a lot of you at the shop or in the village in the next few weeks but thank you all for your help and encouragement over the years.

My final note is to the staff. Lee. It has been a privilege to work alongside such a loyal and hard working person. He has shaped and made the new shop and butchery what it is today. Which is outstanding. He has taught me a lot. He is truly one ofthe good guys.
Vicky has been my calm and voice of reason on all shop (and home) affairs. She never fails to make me laugh and like Lee is part of the backbone of the shop. I will miss her staff sandwiches and advice.
Tom has been with us for since the start and there is nothing he doesn’t know about the shop. Especially from behind the cheese counter! Again, like Lee and Vicky, his loyalty and hard work have got the shop to where it is today. I’ll miss his coffee and banter.
Weekend guys Jazmin and Lulu – you both rock and customers love you. (see you at home after college Lulu)!
Sally. Sally is the unseen staff member of the shop. She has been our bookkeeper and confident for around 12 years. She has, and continues to manage all our finances and much, much more. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Thank you all.

So it’s goodbye from me and have a wonderful Christmas.


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  • Dear Sam

    I have been unable to visit the shop since the pandemic started but I loved coming in and always enjoyed the warmth and friendliness of all the staff.

    Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year and all the best with your new adventures.

    Warmest wishes

    Hàìghlèàgh Winslade

  • It is sad to see you leave but we wish you all best for what ever you are going to do next. You will have missed.

  • Hi Sam! We’ve been with you from the very beginning too and how well I remember the old shop when you opened, your first birthday and then from year to year strength to strength always with the best products and a wonderful friendly welcome. What a partnership you and Fred have been! Great that you’ve mentioned the whole team and with Fred at the helm it will continue in good hands – the weekly email is brilliant! Here’s wishing you all the best and good luck in life’s next venture. Look forward to bumping into now and again! Happy Xmas all Janet xx

  • Dear Sam,

    So very sorry to see you go. You and Fred have been amazing the way you have built up an incredible and unique business through masses of imagination and hard work. I am going to miss seeing you – your welcome, knowledge, cheerfulness and helpfulness have been amazing – and so rare when shopping these days! I can quite understand that, after building for so long, there comes a time to move on. A great opportunity for you but a great loss for us. I wish you all the very best and hope that you have as much success in your new venture as you have had at the farm shop. If it is acceptable, do keep in touch. I would love to know your new plans and will miss your friendship too.

    With all good wishes to you and all your family for the future and I hope you have a very Happy Christmas and very successful New Year.


  • Good luck in all you do Sam, we will miss your lovely smile. I remember the first time I visited the stable block when I fell flat on my face after tripping up the step in the middle! Even though you said ‘watch the step’ ! You and Fred have done amazing things with the shop – we do miss the special evening dinners held in the shop – hope they return in some format one day. So farewell and to you and all the farm shop staff have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • The very best of luck to you, Debbie and the girls. You know that you hold a special place in our hearts so I hope this is not goodbye and we will bump into each other from time to time.

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