We have lots of beautiful beans perfect for healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals, either as the main event or to embellish soups and stews and which bring to mind a Toulouse duck cassoulet that’s a rich and warming bean feast. Spanish tapas often features melt-in-the-mouth butter beans, with garlic, herbs and tomato, while in the US the bean pot can cook up endless variations of baked beans as a side with your BBQ and slaw.

In this country, beans used to mean baked beans, end of story, but I’m glad they are making a huge revival.  And so they should: they are good for us and the planet and are versatile and delicious.  We all know “beans, beans good for the heart”, but they are also great for reducing the risk of cancer, help with weight loss, are low on the glycemic index, and are full of protein and fibre.  In agriculture they are nitrogen fixers, improving soil fertility, so we need to eat more of them.

One company that is championing the UK bean revival is the Bold Bean Company, and we are stocking their Queen Butter Beans and Queen Chickpeas.  If you want some recipe inspiration, they have loads of easy recipes to get you keen on beans. We also have Navarrico Beans, gown in Spain from a single producer, which are beautiful and creamy and wonderful, so make sure to get some beans in your diet for your own health and that of the planet.