We have two new freezers filled with lots of fabulous food.  Fieldfare supply a superb range of loose frozen food, from Croissants to fish fingers, summer fruit to Spinach, Goats’ Cheese & Olive Puff Pastry Pie with a total of 32 new product lines available.  They are great value, available to purchase as individual items, have no packaging (do bring your own container) and have been frozen at their freshest, so the quality is excellent.

You can grab as much or as little as you need, take it home, and follow the cooking instructions to give you a quick, easy, great value and delicious meal.

You can buy all-butter croissants, let them prove overnight, ready to pop in the oven for freshly-baked croissant at whatever ungodly time you choose to wake up.  Planning a dinner party but don’t have time, grab some steaks from Lee at the butchery counter, and add some FieldFare Creamy Potato Gratin and some Salted Caramel Fondants, and you can plate up two courses in 30 minutes.

Because there is no wasteful packaging, you can pick exactly what you need and not worry about waste.  Most of the products are individual portions, so you only need to pay for exactly what you want.

Fieldfare is a family business that started in Sussex, and we’ll be rotating the produce to give you seasonal specials.