The Finest selection of Free Range Bronze, organic and barn reared Turkeys and crowns from Walters Farm.

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  • Free Range Bronze Turkey

    Free Range Bronze Turkey from the Walters family is consistently excellent, making it the perfect choice for your Christmas meal.

  • Free Range Bronze Turkey Breast Roast (Walters)

    Free Range Bronze Turkey Breast Roast is the perfect choice for smaller families at Christmas.


  • Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown

    The Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown consists of the white breast meat left on the bone, and is the perfect option for smaller families.

  • Christmas Free Range Bronze Turkey

    Organic Bronze Turkey

    Organic Bronze Turkey will make the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas or Thanksgiving meal.

  • Organic Turkey Crown

    The Organic Turkey Crown is the white breast meat left on the bone, and is ideal for smaller families and those who don’t want too many leftovers.

  • White Free-Range Turkey

    Christmas deserves a seriously tasty turkey, and we source white free-range Turkey from the Walters family. These turkeys are delicious – full of flavour, tender and succulent.

    As a rule of thumb we recommend that you have at least 500 grams per person for a turkey, 333 grams per person for a crown, and for a breast joint just 250 grams.

    All our turkeys are produced by Walters Turkeys with Phillip and Julia Walters supplying this festive fowl for over 35 years.  I now deal with their son Ed, and it is still very much a family affair. The white free-range turkeys are reared to the Golden promise standard set by the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association. They reach full maturity naturally without growth promoters.  Using traditional methods, they are dry plucked, hand finished and hung for at least 7 days.  All are fed on home grown cereals and soya from the same farm where they are reared.  The turkeys are killed and processed on the farm to avoid travel as minimising their stress is a priority.

    Your turkey will be boxed, with vacuum packed giblets, fresh rosemary and a Pop-up Timer which works perfectly. It can remain in the box for a couple of days.  If your turkey is a large one, it may not fit in a box, and therefore it’s important to remove it from the plastic bag as soon as possible. Place the turkey in the refrigerator if possible.  If not, place the turkey in a cool ventilated position.   Make sure that this is animal and vermin proof!

    Delivery will be the week before Christmas, although they are also available for Thanksgiving.