Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown (Heart of England)


The Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown consists of the white breast meat left on the bone, and is the perfect option for smaller families.

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The Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown is ideal for smaller families and those who don’t want too many leftovers. It is the white breast meat left on the bone.

These Turkey Crowns are reared by Heart of England on grass pastures on the family farm in Warwickshire. The turkeys are fed on a natural cereal-based diet with no artificial additives or growth stimulants being added to their feed.

They are bred to the highest welfare standards, with plenty of space, outdoor light, food and water.

Your turkey crown will come in a presentation box, oven-ready with a brochure, recipe card, letter and pop-up timer.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you have at least 333 grams per person for a crown,  Our turkey crowns come in sizes from 3-6kg.

Your turkey will arrive boxed, with vacuum-packed giblets, fresh rosemary and a Pop-up Timer which works perfectly. It can remain in the box for a couple of days.Place the turkey in the refrigerator if possible. If not, place the turkey in a cool ventilated position. Make sure that this is animal and vermin proof!


Available to pick up the week before Christmas.

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Small (3-4kg), Medium (4-5kg), Large (5-6kg)


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