Cashel Blue Cheese (200g)




When Louis & Jane Grubb set out to make Cashel Blue in the early 1980s, their ambition was to create a farmhouse cheese that “truly represents the outstanding quality of Tipperary grass-fed milk.” Today, 40 years later and in the hands of the 2nd generation, Cashel Blue is still made by hand on the same 200-acre farm; Beechmount, in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Cashel Blue cheese is a renowned Irish artisanal cheese that has earned global recognition for its exceptional quality and taste, and has rightfully earned its place among the world’s finest blue cheeses.

Cashel Blue cheese is made from the finest pasteurised cow’s milk, sourced from local Irish dairy farms. The cheese matures for several weeks, allowing the flavours to develop and deepen, resulting in a cheese that is both complex and well-balanced. The cheese boasts a velvety texture with a subtle crumble. Its flavour is a perfect harmony of rich and creamy undertones with distinct tangy notes brought by the blue veins that run through it.



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