A selection of award-winning Hampshire, Sussex and British cheeses.

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  • Aged Comté Cheese – 200g

    While we love our local cheeses, there are some continental cheeses that are simply too good not to have in the cheese counter, and aged Comté is one of them.  Sourced from the Franche-Comté traditional province of eastern France, on the Swiss border, made from unpasteurized cows milk of the … Read More
  • Applewood Cheese Wedges

    Applewood Cheese is a white smoke-flavoured cheddar cheese that was first created in 1965 in Ilchester, in the heart of Somerset. Wherever possible, the cheesemakers use the best quality local ingredients mostly coming from Somerset and the surrounding counties. The defining characteristic of Applewood Cheese is its signature smokiness. It … Read More
  • Ashcombe Organic Cheese (200g)

    Ashcombe is a large, flat, disc-shaped cheese that was the ultimate lockdown project.  Conceived over Easter Lunch in 2020, Ashcombe was created to help solve the issue of having only one product (Rollright) with a short shelf life and no restaurants to buy it.  David Jowett is the King Stone … Read More
  • Barkham Blue Cheese (200g)

    Barkham Blue is one of our most popular cheeses – It has a rich blue taste, smooth buttery texture with a melt in the mouth flavour, without the harshness associated with some blue cheese. With a very distinctive appearance, Barkham Blue is made in a 1.2kg ammonite shaped round, it … Read More
  • Baron Bigod Cheese (200g)

    The Baron Bigod is one of only a handful of Farmhouse Bries worldwide where the cheese is made by the farmer on the farm. You can taste the provenance, with long-lasting flavours of warm earth, farmyard and mushrooms, with occasional notes of citrus and truffle. Made by Jonny Crickmore, a … Read More
  • Beechwood Smoked Cheese

    Snowdonia Beechwood Smoked Cheese is a gourmet delight that showcases the perfect balance of craftsmanship and natural flavours. Handcrafted in the picturesque region of Snowdonia, Wales, this award-winning cheese starts with a base of smooth and creamy cheddar. It is then carefully infused with a delicate smoky flavour using beechwood … Read More
  • Black Bomber Cheese

    Snowdonia Black Bomber cheese is a black wax coated Strong Extra Mature Cheddar and a flagship product of the Snowdonia Cheese Company. It has a smooth creamy taste, but delivers flavour that is in line with a vintage cheddar – this is one of our most popular cheeses and we … Read More
  • Brighton Blue Cheese (200g)

    A mild, semi-soft cheese with a mellow blue flavour and a slightly salty finish. The blue-green veins deepen as the cheese matures, and the taste of the blue strengthens. It has an attractive natural edible rind and has won numerous awards including a Super Gold at the World Cheese Awards … Read More
  • Burrata Di Puglia 280g

    We have fresh burratina cheese from Puglia which is even more indulgent than fresh mozzarella.  The mozzarella ball has been injected with a mixture of cream and mozzarella that spills out like a soft boiled egg. Burrata’s luscious, buttery texture and rich flavour make this cheese extremely versatile and often … Read More
  • Cashel Blue Cheese (200g)

    When Louis & Jane Grubb set out to make Cashel Blue in the early 1980s, their ambition was to create a farmhouse cheese that “truly represents the outstanding quality of Tipperary grass-fed milk.” Today, 40 years later and in the hands of the 2nd generation, Cashel Blue is still made … Read More
  • Charcoal Cheese (200g)

    Charcoal cheddar cheese is a unique variation of cheddar cheese that incorporates activated charcoal into the cheese-making process. Despite appearances, this cheese is a smooth, delicious mature cheddar and adds a brilliant contrast to any cheese board. It is the first and only all-black charcoal cheddar cheese which is made … Read More
  • Chevre Log (200g)

    Soignon Chèvre Log cheese is a luscious and tangy 100% goat’s milk cheese originating from France. The cheese is carefully crafted using traditional cheesemaking methods, ensuring consistent and exceptional quality. The goats producing the milk for this cheese are raised in the heart of the Loire Valley. Soignon  have specialized … Read More
  • Colston Bassett Cheese

    Colston Basset Stilton (200g)

    Colston Bassett Stilton is smooth and creamy with distinctive blue veins which become more strongly defined as the cheese matures, Blue Stilton has deep and complex flavours enjoyed by cheese lovers worldwide. An excellent dessert cheese it is traditionally popular at Christmas, however it is also a wonderful cheese to enjoy at anytime of the year.

    This is a serious cheese – delicious, creamy and moreish – whenever we have tastings in the shop, it sells like crazy.

  • Cornish Gouda (200g)

    Made by a Dutch family, the Spierings, who moved from the Netherlands in 1998 to start dairy farming on their farm in Cornwall. Their production of cheese was inspired by their son who realised that they needed to diversify away from milk when he found a ‘For Sale’ sign on … Read More
  • Cornish Gouda with Cumin (200g)

    The cheese is made using locally sourced, high-quality cow’s milk, ensuring a superior taste and texture. Cumin Cornish Gouda is aged for 5-6 months. Perfect on a cheese board or melted on top of your favourite dish. This is a remarkable cheese that combines the best of Dutch cheesemaking traditions … Read More
  • Cornish Kern (200g)

    Cornish Kern is made by Lynher Dairies, the same cheesemakers as Cornish Yarg. Kern is matured for 16 months, and is more intense and dense than their Yarg. This cheese started with the idea of a gouda-type recipe, and evolved through the addition of Alpine starter cultures. Kern is coated … Read More
  • Cornish Yarg (200g)

    Cornish Yarg is a nettle wrapped semi hard cheese made from grass rich Cornish milk. Tangy under its natural rind and slightly crumbly in the core, it consistently wins top international awards. The nettle leaves, which attract naturally occurring moulds, are brushed onto the cheese in concentric circles. As the … Read More
  • Cricket St Thomas Capricorn

    Cricket St. Thomas Capricorn is a delicate, velvety goat’s cheese from the Lubborn Creamery. This cheese has a slightly nutty, clean yet mild flavour which can be enjoyed at varying maturity. It has a firm and crumbly texture when young, and softens with ageing.  As it ripens, the middle of … Read More
  • Cropwell Bishop Stilton (200g)

    Cropwell Bishop Stilton has been going for three generations and has distinctive blue veins, matured for 5 weeks to give a wonderful, buttery texture. The cheese has a rich tangy flavour, and a velvety-soft texture that makes it melt in the mouth. We buy our stilton by the wheel, where … Read More
  • Delice De Bourgogne (200g)

    Delice de Bourgogne cheese is a decadent and indulgent cheese that hails from the Burgundy region. This French beauty is made with not single, or double, but triple cream cheese, providing a rich and flavourful cheese with a silky smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture. Made by adding creme fraiche to full-fat cow’s … Read More
  • Ewe Eat Me Cheese (200g)

    Ewe Eat Me cheese by Alsop and Walker is a hard yet creamy-tasting cheese full of nutty undertones and encased in a striking red rind. This local cheese balances sweet bite with a delicate taste and firm, open texture. Similar to a Manchego, this cheese is made from pasteurised ewes … Read More
  • Flower Marie

    Flower Marie is a delicate artisan cheese made from unpasteurised sheep’s milk by Kevin and Alison Blunt on Greenacres Farm. The milk is sourced from a herd of Friesland-Dorset sheep, from Wayfield Dairy, Stratford-upon-Avon. Golden Cross Cheese make three 190-litre batches of cheese each week in both individual and cutting … Read More
  • Godminster Cheddar Heart

    Godminster’s Heart-Shaped Vintage Bruton Beauty Organic Cheddar is a multi-award-winning organic cheese, created in the heart of Somerset and enrobed in distinctive burgundy wax. Made from the finest organic milk, it undergoes a traditional maturation process for a minimum of 12 months, resulting in a rich and full-bodied taste. The … Read More
  • Golden Cross

    Golden Cross is Golden Cross Cheese’s signature goat’s cheese, made by Kevin and Alison Blunt on alternate days on their farm from the milk of their own herd of 220 milking goats. Before maturing, the cheese is lightly charcoaled by hand, which provides a nice contrast to the whiteness of … Read More
  • Grand Noir (200g)

    Grand Noir is made using fresh milk from regional farms in Southern Germany. Made from pasteurised milk from cows that graze the lush grass in the alpine region of Bavaria, Germany. A distinctive cheese with a very creamy soft texture that melts in the mouth instantly giving a very satisfying … Read More
  • Green Thunder Cheese

    Green Thunder is a mature cheddar with roasted garlic and herbs produced by Snowdonia Cheese Company in Wales, United Kingdom. This unique cheese combines the creaminess of cheddar with the punch of its additions, resulting in a delightful taste experience. This cheese stands out on a cheeseboard with its striking … Read More
  • Harlech Cheese (200g)

    Harlech Cheese is covered in bright orange way that holds a mature, creamy semi-soft cheddar speckled with fresh horseradish. Tangy and zesty with a nice edge of heat that tingles on the tongue, this cheese is renowned for its bold and robust flavors. Harlech takes its name from the Welsh … Read More
  • Isle of Wight Blue

    The Isle of Wight Blue Cheese that won Best English at the 2007 World Cheese Awards is a naturally rinded soft blue cheese that is made with pasteurised Guernsey cows’ milk from the herd that graze around the Queen Bower Dairy. It is blue veined and is sold at 3-5 … Read More
  • Isle of Wight Soft (220g)

    The Isle of Wight Soft is a soft white surface mould ripened pasteurised cheese first made in 2006. It fits nicely in between the brie and camembert brackets. It is sold between 2-4 weeks of age and has a maximum 9-week shelf life. When young this cheese has a firm-textured, sharp lactic flavour. As it ages the texture changes to a softer paste with the flavour becoming more familiar to the taste of camembert.

  • Mayfield Cheese (200g)

    Mayfield Cheese is a delightful artisanal cheese produced in the village of Mayfield in East Sussex, England. The taste of Mayfield cheese is sweet, nutty and creamy. Its subtle tanginess is complemented by a gentle nuttiness, resulting in a cheese that is both versatile and enjoyable to eat. its interior … Read More
  • Mayfield Oak Smoked Cheese (200g)

    Oak Smoked Mayfield is a twist on Alsop and Walker’s Mayfield cheese. Made at Five ashes, Sussex. Lightly cold smoked over oak, you can taste the original Mayfield cheese with a hint of smoke. Made from locally sourced cow’s milk, Mayfield Oak Smoked Cheese boasts a creamy and smooth texture. … Read More
  • Old Winchester Cheese (200g)

    Also known as Old Smales, Old Winchester is an older version of Winchester. This is a dryer and harder cheese, becoming more reminiscent of an Old Amsterdam with a distinctive nuttiness in flavour. Because Old Winchester is made with a vegetarian rennet, on a number of occasions it is being … Read More