A selection of award-winning Hampshire, Sussex and British cheeses.

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  • Aged Comté Cheese – 200g

    While we love our local cheeses, there are some continental cheeses that are simply too good not to have in the cheese counter, and aged Comté is one of them.  Sourced from the Franche-Comté traditional province of eastern France, on the Swiss border, made from unpasteurized cows milk of the … Read More
  • Barkham Blue (per 100g)

    Barkham Blue is one of our most popular cheeses – It has a rich blue taste, smooth buttery texture with a melt in the mouth flavour, without the harshness associated with some blue cheese. With a very distinctive appearance, Barkham Blue is made in a 1.2kg ammonite shaped round, it … Read More
  • Black Bomber – 200g round

    Snowdonia Black Bomber cheese is a black wax coated Strong Extra Mature Cheddar and a flagship product of the Snowdonia Cheese Company.

    It has a smooth creamy taste, but delivers flavour that is in line with a vintage cheddar – this is one of our most popular cheeses and we always sell out when we have it to taste.

    This cheese has won many awards – in 2010 it was a Silver medal winner at the Nantwich International Cheese Show and in 2007 it won Bronze at the World Cheese Awards.

    Black Bomber cheddar comes as a 200g mini-truckle that is completly coated in black wax, or 1/2 a whole cheese (approx 1.5kgs), or a whole cheese (3Kg).

  • Brighton Blue Cheese (150g)

    A mild, semi-soft cheese with a mellow blue flavour and a slightly salty finish. The blue-green veins deepen as the cheese matures, and the taste of the blue strengthens. It has an attractive natural edible rind and has won numerous awards including a Super Gold at the World Cheese Awards … Read More
  • Colston Bassett Cheese

    Colston Basset Stilton (100g)

    Colston Bassett Stilton is smooth and creamy with distinctive blue veins which become more strongly defined as the cheese matures, Blue Stilton has deep and complex flavours enjoyed by cheese lovers worldwide. An excellent dessert cheese it is traditionally popular at Christmas, however it is also a wonderful cheese to enjoy at anytime of the year.

    This is a serious cheese – delicious, creamy and moreish – whenever we have tastings in the shop, it sells like crazy.

  • Cornish Yarg (200g)

    Cornish Yarg is a nettle wrapped semi hard cheese made from grass rich Cornish milk. Tangy under its natural rind and slightly crumbly in the core, it consistently wins top international awards. The nettle leaves, which attract naturally occurring moulds, are brushed onto the cheese in concentric circles. As the … Read More
  • Fresh Mozzarella & Burratina

    Fresh mozzarella should be a summer staple, paired with some wonderful Isle of Wight Tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil and some fresh basil leaves.  It’s also great on pizza or even melted on a slice of toast with some fresh pesto.  150g We also have fresh burratina cheese from … Read More
  • Isle of Wight Soft (220g)

    The Isle of Wight Soft is a soft white surface mould ripened pasteurised cheese first made in 2006. It fits nicely in between the brie and camembert brackets. It is sold between 2-4 weeks of age and has a maximum 9-week shelf life. When young this cheese has a firm-textured, sharp lactic flavour. As it ages the texture changes to a softer paste with the flavour becoming more familiar to the taste of camembert.

  • Old Winchester Cheese £2.15 (100g)

    Also known as Old Smales, Old Winchester is an older version of Winchester. This is a dryer and harder cheese, becoming more reminiscent of an Old Amsterdam with a distinctive nuttiness in flavour. Because Old Winchester is made with a vegetarian rennet, on a number of occasions it is being sold, and used as a vegetarian replacement for a hard Italian cheese, and yet can still be used as a table cheese, it has that bit more versatility. We are selling them at about 16 month plus.

    This cheese over the years has won a number of awards, including Best Modern British Cheese in 2006, Reserve Champion Cheese at the Bath and West in 2007, and consistently turns in One , Two and Three Star Gold’s at the Great Tate Awards each year. In 2011 it was 2 Star Gold and 2012 it is a 1 Star Gold and Bronze at the Nantwich Show.

    Lyburn make a variety of different hand made cheeses, all from their own cows milk. Although they are pressed, these artisan cheeses are not that close to cheddar cheese. They are, in general, a softer and a more continental type of cheese, with the exeption of Old Winchester and Old Smales

  • Scrumpy Sussex Cheese

    Scrumpy Sussex Cheese £2.30 (100g)

    This is a favourite in the shop – The Scrumpy Sussex is made to the traditional recipe of the Olde Sussex. The garlic, cider and herbs are gently blended with the curd, so when the maturation of the cheese takes place, the added ingredients have time to infuse and disperse their distinctive zingy flavours.

    A hard-pressed, Cheddar-style cheese, made with unpasteurised milk (and vegetable rennet) by The Traditional Cheese Dairy of Stonegate, East Suseex.

    Set within the lush green fields of the Sussex Weald, the Traditional Cheese Dairy uses delicious free-range, grass-fed raw milk from award-winning local farms, to create fine-quality artisan cheeses, ranging from tasty traditional cheddars to the critically acclaimed ewe’s milk cheese Lord Of The Hundreds, not to mention our award-winning Burwash Rose, which claimed the prestigious title of ‘Best British Semi-Soft Cheese’ at the 2012 British Cheese Awards.

  • Stoney Cross

    Stoney Cross Cheese (200g)

    Stoney Cross is a lovely cheese that we sell either by slice or which comes in a small 800 gram truckle and is very similar to a French Tomme De Savoie. Creamy in texture, sweet flavours, with a distinctly earthy finish, this is a great tasting cheese that is backed up by a shed load of awards. A 3 Star Gold at the Great Taste Awards and a Gold at the British Cheese Awards.

    This has to be one of my favourite cheeses, subtle flavours, smooth texture and it’s the perfect size for your cheese boards and would make a fantastic gift.

    Lyburn farm makes a variety of different hand made cheeses, all of which are made from our own cows milk and a vegetarian rennet. Although they are pressed, these artisan cheeses are not that close to cheddar cheese. They are, in general, a softer and a more continental type of cheese, with the exeption of Old Winchester and Old Smales.

  • Sussex Slipcote Garlic & Herb Cheese (100g)

    Sussex Slipcote Garlic & Herb The name ‘Slipcote’ is an old English word meaning little (slip) piece of cottage (cote) cheese.. The cheese can also be made with an addition of Garlic & Herbs. Slipcote has a light fresh creamy texture with a clean slightly sharp lemony taste. It is … Read More
  • Tunworth Cheese

    Tunworth Cheese (200g)

    The Tunworth is a fabulous cheese that is a local and much improved version of a Camembert – in fact Raymond Blanc described it as “the best Camembert in the world”.

    Tunworth has won the Supreme Cheese champion of the UK twice (in 2006 and 2013) and is an incredible cheese that we are fortunate to have on our doorstep.

    WEIGHT 250 grams

    Tunworth has a long-lasting sweet, nutty flavour and a creamy texture with a thin wrinkled rind. Tunworth Cheese is made by hand in small batches in our purpose-built creamery with pasteurized whole cows milk.

    First specific starter cultures are added to the warm milk. The animal rennet is added and the curd begins to set. After several hours the curds are cut into one-inch cubes and placed gently into cheese molds.

    The cheeses drain overnight and are dry salted the next day. From the production room, they are placed on racks and taken into the ripening room where they grow their white coats.

    The cheeses are then wrapped and boxed in special poplar boxes and placed into a maturing room for several weeks before being despatched to our wholesale and retail customers.

  • Valentine’s Day Cheeseboard

    We’ve put together a lovely cheeseboard for two to celebrate this Valentine’s day.  The Cheeseboard has a slice of award-winning Montgomery’s vintage cheddar, some delicious, gungy local Blue Clouds from Balcombe, and half a Golden Cross, a Sussex Goat’s Cheese that won Best British Cheese and Super Gold at the … Read More
  • Westcombe Cheddar

    Westcombe Cheddar (per 100g)

    Westcombe cheddar is one of our great finds – it’s a superb cheddar that matches up to any of the finest British cheddars, but is relatively unknown and as a result, more reasonable in price. Westcombe Dairy has been making Cheddar for over 100 years in the heart of Somerset. … Read More
  • Witheridge in Hay Cheese

    Witheridge in Hay is the first UK cheese to be matured in hay.  As a result, the cheese has notable grassy notes similar to an alpine cheese, with sweet, savoury and earthy tones.  This is made with organic milk from Rose Grimond’s family farm at the Nettlebed Creamery in Henley-On-Thames. … Read More