Some delicious hedgerow jelly and jam arrived this week, courtesy of the Hedgerow Apothecary, alongside marmalade and lovely raspberry vinegar. Christine gathers from many local hedgerows to make her pots of delight – she is based in West Ashling and is planning on running courses for the Stansted Farm Shop this autumn.

Hedgerow ApothecaryI will get exact details out shortly, but the courses will involve gathering produce from the Stansted Estate, and coming back to the farm shop for preparation, cooking and bottling. The harvest will depend on conditions, but it will almost certainly involve rosehips, bullace (wild plum), elderberries, sloes and whatever other goodies we can unearth. Combined with a seasonal lunch, it will make a cracking day out.

I hope to have dates, prices and final details sorted shortly, so do check for any updates.