partridge_quince 002As summer draws to a close, do not despair – there is some seriously good eating to be done instead of lazing around nibbling on salad. Yes, the game season has arrived in style and we have plenty of Stansted Venison (both roe and fallow are in season) and local partridge are now on the menu. The venison is culled by the estate to maintain a happy woodland balance as part of the forestry management.

From the yorkshire moors we have the superb tasting grouse, a true wild delicacy. The prices are high at the moment, but you do pay a premium for the first birds of the season and they are especially tender, with a distinctive taste of heather.

With the wheat now harvested, we have rabbit in most of the time, as well as plenty of wood pigeon. The pigeon has been corn fed (poor farmers!) with a healthy addition of fruits and seeds, so tastes particularly good at this time of year.

If you want to know more about preparing and eating venison, we are doing a venison butchery course in November. Get in touch if you would like to sign up.