A delicious cheese board goes down a treat at this time of year, and it is particularly fun to enjoy our local Sussex and Hampshire Cheeses which are world beaters – winning some outstanding awards and putting us firmly on the cheese map.

First up is Tunworth – which has twice won the Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards and has been voted in the top 50 cheeses in the world – made in Hampshire, it is described by Raymond Blanc as “The best Camembert in the world”.

Isle of Wight Blue Cheese won Best English at the 2007 World Cheese Awards and is a naturally rinded soft blue cheese that is made with pasteurised Guernsey cows’ milk from the herd that graze around the Queen Bower Dairy.

Lyburn Chees makes the delicious Old Winchester (A hard, dry, nutty cheese with a crstyalline bite) and Stoney Cross (mould ripened, not dissimilar to a French Tomme De Savoie. Creamy, buttery in texture, sweet flavours, with a distinctly earthy finish) amongst others.

This is just a small sampling of the cheeses we have on offer – we also have 4 different cheddars (Westcombe and Black Bomber), a minimum of two blue cheeses (including Cropwell Bishop Stilton) and some foreign classics such as Vacherin Mont D’Or.

If you have a particular favourite, we can get almost any cheese in with a day’s notice, so get your Christmas cheese board lined up.