spring_lambSpring lamb is seen as the traditional meat for Easter and is known for being sweet, succulent, tender and delicious. While there are now many chefs who prefer the stronger flavours of Autumn lamb, I still think that new season’s spring lamb is a special British seasonal treat.

Most lambs are being born at this time of year and won’t be ready until June or July – but we get our spring lambs from the Dorset Poll sheep that characteristically lamb in the Autumn.  They are milk fed for the first 3-4 weeks and are grass fed from then on, reliant on the mild winter that we get in the South Downs.

All other lamb is now from New Zealand – as lamb older than 1 year old is known as Hoggett. From 18 months on it is known as Mutton.  If you prefer the stronger, more robust flavours of mutton, then we also have this available at the moment.  It suits slower cooking but also has admirable eating qualities, ideal in tagines and stews where it holds it’s own against other strong flavours.

If you would like half a lamb box – delivered anywhere in the UK, then get in touch or we can do select cuts from the shop.