asparagus_bunch8Finally some wonderful British produce is appearing following what is known as the Hungry Gap, when the cabbages and root veg leaves you slightly uninspired in the kitchen.

Our asparagus is grown in Midhurst and is superb – cook it simply either boiled, grilled, or sliced thinly and eaten raw.  The Jersey Royal New Potatoes are now coming in thick and fast and should be boiled or steamed with mint and butter.

We also have some English strawberries which go remarkably well with Bere Dairy’s clotted cream.

However, my favourite meal is grilled asparagus with poached eggs – and we have some pheasant eggs in this week – smaller, richer and more flavourful that a hen’s egg, they are the perfect accompaniement to the asparagus.  Simple drizzle olive oil and a bit of sea salt over the asparagus and grill until the ends start to go brown and crispy.  Meanwhile, poach the pheasant eggs and place on top of the asparagus.  Then shave some Old Winchester cheese over the top, and add some freshly ground pepper.