edilble-flowersSummer is here – a time for salads and BBQ’s and ice cold drinks – all of which can be improved by an array of edible flowers that add colour, vibrancy and a burst of flavour.

You can eat any of the following flowers that make a stunning garnish to your salads, omelettes or whatever dish you want: borage, broadbean, chive, lavender (all pictured above) as well as runner bean, nasturtium, pea, radish, marigold, cornflower, pansie, rose or mallow blooms.  You can find these in most gardens, and you only need a couple of flowers per plate to create a real impact.

Try a starter of Elderflower and courgette flowers – frying them in a light tempura batter (make sure you shake out the bugs first!) although you want to choose the courgette flowers that are closed up so that the batter stays on the outside only.

You can also add them to drinks: a stem of lavender sprouting from your large glass of pimms, or borage flowers in the ice tray will add to the summer experience. Of course, don’t forget Elderflower cordial, or camomile tea.