partridge1The game season is now underway with Stansted Venison, local partridge, grouse and a few Stansted rabbit now available.  The grouse is pre-order only, but otherwise we will have venison and partridge available until at least January.  The rabbit is still quite scarce, so let us know if you want one put aside. We can also source hare if you would like and will have wild duck from the middle of September.

Game is fantastic eating as well as being healthy for you and completely sustainable. In particular, venison and wood pigeon numbers need to be controlled as they can do enormous damage to woodland and farm crops.

If you need some recipe ideas then I would highly recommend the Game to Eat website – although Gavin will happily offer some suggestions.

Our venison is fallow deer that herd on the Stansted Estate.  They are selectively culled to ensure that they maintain a healthy population. If you are interested in how venison numbers are controlled as part of the Stansted woodland management, then read this blog…

Grouse is currently £9.50 per bird

Partridge is £4.25 per bird although they will get cheaper later in the season

Hare is £14 each

Rabbit £5.95 each