autumn_produce_wideThere is now a lovely selection of freshly foraged Hedgerow jams, jellies and other wonders from Christine at the Hedgerow Apothecary.  Not only are they delicious, but the Elderberry Cordial is perfect for keeping Autumn Colds at bay, diluted with a spot of whisky, medicine does not get much better than this.

We have available Greengage, Damson or Plum, Wild Bramble and Apple jams, Crab Apple & Chilli, Quince or Foragers Jelly,  the Choristers Comfort Elderberry Cordial and some lovely Raspberry Vinegar.

See below some of the folklore associated with

Hawthorn: Food for hungry schoolchildren, symbol of fertility and death.

Elder: Nature’s medicine chest, cool white blossoms in the spring time for a natural antihistamine give way to black plump berries in the autumn to make syrups for coughs and colds.

Bramble: The backward pointing thorns give it the nickname ‘Lawyers’ as once they get their thorns into you, you’ll never get rid of them!

Blackthorn: Famous for the wonderful sloes to make sloe gin in the autumn not so famous for the superstition that surrounds it.

Dog Rose: Itchy seeds and rosehip syrup, all part of a wartime childhood.

Crab apple: Our only truly native apple species. The juice was used to treat sprains and as a laxative. A maiden would place a crab apple under her pillow on St. Andrews Eve, then take it to church with her; the first man she saw would be her future husband.