We have some delicious Smoked Pheasant crisps with Wild Mushroom available in the shop at the moment – ideal for a wild snack, but they are also an excellent accompaniement to game if you can’t be bothered to fry some chips. You can gently heat them in the oven and eat with a roast partridge, veggies and a spiced damson gravy.

Look out for our ever-increasing range of foraged jams and jellies – including Wild Cherry Plum Jam and Spiced Damson Jam from the Real Jam Co. These are delicious with cheese, for breakfast on toast, but also great with game and meat and can be used as an ingredient for sauces, marinades and gravy.  Definitely worth buying if you didn’t get the time to do some foraging of your own this year.  They also make very special gifts!