This has to be one of my favourite pork chops recipe, courtesy of Nigel Slater. It’s rich, spoiling and incredibly easy to do.  It is also perfect for this type of weather: crisp, frosty and blue skied.

2 large Pork Chops
butter – 25g
olive oil – 1 tablespoon
garlic – 2 large unpeeled cloves, squashed flat
a glass of white wine
double or whipping cream – 150ml
grain mustard – 1 1/2 tablespoons
smooth Dijon mustard – 1 1/2 tablespoons
cornichons – 8

Generously season the pork chops. Put the butter and oil in a shallow frying pan over medium high heat until bubbling then add the chops and the squashed garlic. Leave to brown then turn and brown the other side. Lower the heat and continue to cook chops on both sides until just cooked. (I also balance the chops fat side down for extra crackle).

Remove the chops and keep warm, while draining the pan of fat. Turn up the heat and deglaze the pan with the wine until the sticky juices have dissolved. Stir in the cream until it bubbles then add the mustard and cornichons (or mushrooms if you prefer). Season, then plate up.  This works well with grilled purple sprouting and garlic mash.

Pork Chops are currently £8.50/kg and are free range from rare breed Plantation pigs who are based on the South Downs.

If you have a favourite pork chops recipe, please let us know.