We had a great tasting of Hill Farm Juice at the Farm Shop party with a huge range of juices from dry to sweet depending on which type of apple was pressed.  Not only is Hill Farm a local family run orchard (the other side of Hambledon), but they also make juice from old apple varieties that have gone out of fashion such as Ashmead’s Kernel.  It’s great fun trying out the single variety juices and learning the different flavours of each Apple variety. A firm family favourite was apple juice and ginger which gives a pleasant whack of ginger.

We have some Hill Farm Juice stock in the farm shop at the moment and will be getting some more in soon. A perfect Easter holiday drink – it counts towards the 5 a day.

Ashmeads Kernel
Our oldest variety dates from the year 1700 and for most of its life was found only in Gloucestershire.  Ashmead’s has a wonderfully rich, sharp/sweet flavour and if you see the fruit for sale do try one – you won’t find a better eating apple.
Sweet – Available in 75cl glass bottles

It would need to be a fine apple to tempt us away from the traditional English varieties and Braeburn is an exceptionally fine variety.  Originally from the far side of the world, it is now grown successfully in Hampshire and produces a lovely, flavoursome juice.
Medium – Available in 75cl glass bottles

A crisp and tangy juice made from the Queen of culinary apples.  The first Bramley tree was raised by Betsy Brailsford in Southwell, Nottinghamshire in about 1809 when she planted a pip from an apple she was eating.  We are reliably informed that, chilled, this is the perfect partner to Polish Vodka!
Dry – Available in 75cl glass bottles

The finest English variety of apple produces a beautifully fruity and well flavoured juice.  Originally raised by Richard Cox in Buckinghamshire in 1825, this is the quintessential English variety.
Medium – Available in 75cl glass bottles

Cox & Bramley
A refreshing blend of tangy Bramley and fruity Cox.  This was our original juice and is still our most popular.  A winner of the English Apple Juice Competition at the National Fruit Show.
Medium Dry – Available in 25cl & 75cl glass bottles

Discovery is the very first apple of the season on the farm.  Picked in mid-August, it has an aromatic and flowery flavour full of summer.  Taste this juice and you are instantly transported to a warm and sunny, bee-buzzy orchard.
Medium – Available in 75cl glass bottles

A rich, sweet and nutty flavour characterises this juice – just like biting into the apple.  A populat old English apple variety with a most distinguished flavour.  DOn’t worry if you can’t find this increasingly scarce apple to eat, drink our Russet juice instead!
Sweet – Available in 75cl glass bottles

Cloudy Apple Juice
Made from a seasonal mix of apple varieties, this is perfect as a breakfast drink or, indeed, at any time of day.
Medium – Available in 25cl & 75cl glass bottles and 5 litre & 20 litre Bag-in-Box

Apple & Blackcurrant
Hill Farm Juice pressed with tangy whole blackcurrants from Durleighmarsh near Peterfield.
Medium – Available in 25cl glass bottles

Pear & Apple
This is made using Conference and Comice pears and we add a little Brmaley to give it some bite.Medium – Available in 25cl & 75cl glass bottles and 5 litre Bag-in-Box

Apple with Damson & Sloe
A fruity autumnal mix of Russet and Cox apple juice, combined with Damsons and Sloes picked from the ancient hedgerows on the farm.  The berries give this cloudy juice a lovely pink hue.
Fantastic mixed with English Sparkling Wine (we have some particularly fine vineyards in Hampshire)
Medium – Available in 75cl glass bottles

Apple with Elderflower
This 2014 Great Tast Award winner is a delicious combination of farm picked apples and the heady aroma of elderflowers.  The elderflowers are picked and steeped in freshly pressed apple juice to give a truly refreshing taste.
For those who don’t like Indian Tonic water, this is a great mixer with Gin!
Medium – Available in 25cl & 75cl glass bottles

Apple with Ginger
Lovely Hampshire Apples pressed with a hint of freshly crushed root ginger, making a zippy and fruity drink.
Great for mulled apple juice and even better mixed with White Rum!
Medium – Available in 25cl & 75cl glass bottles