I love hot cross buns and it’s one of the few times when I go heavy on the butter so that you get a crispy, sticky outside and a melting, spiced inside.  Great to get your day started, and not bad for an 11 o’clock snack and tea as well.

Our hot cross buns come from the Hungry Guest and are made with a sour dough recipe that has won a Great Taste Award. They have substance, flavour and chew that is incomparable to the insubstantial supermarket equivalent.

Traditionally only eaten on Good Friday at the end of lent, they are know eaten throughout the Easter period.  They have been around since at least the reign of Elizabeth I (1590’s) and have acquired their own superstitions.  My favourite is that by hanging a hot cross bun in your kitchen, they protect you from fires and ensure that all the bread you bake turns out perfectly.  Now that would be a result. You need to renew your hot cross bun each year.

We will have hot cross buns in the shop in the run up to Easter – but do let us know if you would like a quantity and we can put them aside for you on the days of your choosing.