We have a lovely Bradley Smoker at the Farm shop all ready to pick up for one fortunate foodie. The Bradley smoker is the industry leader in hassle free food smokers, with an automatic feeder that keeps up a steady smoke for both hot and cold smoking.

Widely used in restaurants, they are great for home use for keen chefs and fishermen.  With 4 adjustable racks, you can smoke anything from mackerel fillets and sausages to whole turkeys and shoulders of pork.

In the farm shop we have been smoking whole pork shoulders for our legendary pulled pork sandwiches (you can have a taste at the Rowlands Castle Fair if you missed out at our party) as well as beef brisket, ribs and some outstanding chicken wings.  Our pepperoni sausage is smoked to take it to the next level of tastiness, and it’s remarkably easy to brine and smoke your own fish.

The Original Bradley Smoker is boxed and ready to go from the farm shop at £389.

The Bradley Smoker is a unique smoke house, sold complete with its accompanying smoke generator, in which flavour bisquettes are burned for 20 minutes each so that the temperature does not fluctuate. This eliminates high temperature gases, acids and resins that can distort the flavour of smoked food.

The Bradley Smoker makes clean tasting food without any aftertaste. While other smokers need to be tended constantly, the Bradley Smoker automatically produces clean, cool smoke for up to 9 hours safely and without intervention.

Bradley Smokers are capable of both hot and cold smoking:in fact they do a remarkably fine job of cold smoking due to the sustained and controllable way in which the smoke is generated. For cold smoking use of the Cold Smoke Adaptor is recommended.

The bisquette consumables are burned on top of an electric element – read more about bisquettes and the process of smoke generation.  For hot smoking, the heat for cooking is generated by the independentally controlled electrical element. This is a separate element from the bisquette burner. On this model, the temperature in the cabinet is controlled using the easy to set dial control on the front of the smoke generator box.

Let us know if you are interested….