Get stuck into some outstanding locally grown organic veg over the next couple of months.

The British fruit and veg season is most definitely here and we will have a superb collection on display from Wayside Organics, based just outside Chichester.  When fruit and veg is at its seasonal height, it’s packed with flavour and nutrients and you will be astounded by the difference in flavour.  As with all great ingredients, cooking should be as simple as possible to let the individual flavours come through.

We have the following arriving for Friday:

  • Baby Garlic (delicious roasted whole and eaten like a spring onion) £1.39 per bunch
  • Fennel – ideal with fish, either raw in a salad or slow roasted. £1.35 each
  • Local tomatoes – both round and cherry varieties, perfect in salads or to make Gazpacho Soup £2.50/kg
  • Mixed peppers – grilled on the BBQ £4.50/kg
  • Green and yellow courgettes – (check out these recipes) £2.69/kg  (Ocado are selling them at £4.38/kg)
  • Broad beans – boil briefly, then add butter and seasoning. £2.35/kg

When the vegetables come from 10 miles from the shop having been picked within 24 hours, then there is simply no comparison with supermarket veg.

We will also have gooseberries and blueberries.