Local Beef Mince Offer and Bespoke Butchery

With the end of the summer holidays, we are moving our focus from the wood-fired kitchen back to the butchery.  The different game seasons start kicking in, with venison well under way, local partridge coming in shortly and then pheasant to follow. We move from the BBQ to the casserole, although with this Indian summer, it’s worth keeping your options open.

This week we have a superb beef mince offer with 3 packs of mince (400g each) for £10, and 2 packs for £7. This isn’t any old mince either: it has been hung for 3 weeks so that it is full flavoured, and comes from a Devon Red breed that was reared in Westbourne. As a result when you cook your lasagne or spaghetti Bolognese, you can really taste the beef.

We also have South Downs lamb this week, fallow venison and rare breed pork.

Bespoke Butchery Service

Don’t forget that Gavin is first and foremost a highly qualified chef, so if you want to impress with your next meal, have a word with the butcher.  He can advise on recipes, cooking times and which cut of meat would work best with your dinner plans.  He can also prepare it so that you have a cut of meat that will be seriously impressive such as:

  • French trimmed rack of venison
  • Boned, rolled and stuffed leg of pork with apples and sage.
  • Marinated leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary
  • Butterflied whole free range chicken

If you want something unusual for a special occasion just let us know and we can have it all ready for you to pick up.