The hedgerows are brimming with blackberries and elderberries at the moment, and with the sunshine, they are firm and delicious.  You really can’t get healthier than running around the countryside with kids while picking frree fruit that is packed with vitamin C.

Gavin is cooking blackberry and apple turnovers in the kitchen for this weekend, and nothing beats a blackberry and apple pie.

We pick and freeze blackberries at home to enjoy all the year round.  Our son is a fruit addict, and a daily handful of blackberries in a smoothie, pie or with ice cream is a bonus.  This year we have made fruit leather which is perfect for the lunchbox. With a combination of blackberries and apples and a little suger, cooked on a low heat – the results are delicious. We used this recipe from Waitrose…

As for Elderberries, you need to cook them before you eat them – but they make a great addition to a mixed berry compote, as well as being delicious in a sauce that would go perfectly with venison.