At shortly before 2pm this afternoon I recieved this picture of Sam via email.

Emsworth Brewhouse

He was on a site visit to the Emsworth Brewhouse. Once again, he was putting his body on the line in the quest for quality control, provenance and due diligence as he thoroughly vetted one of our local producers.  Not content with regularly sampling bottles at the Farm Shop, Sam conscientiously went to Grant’s centre of operations in Emsworth to check out Emsworth Brewhouses new facilities.

It’s this dedication to the job, eye for detail and relentless pursuit of perfection that must be admired as Sam strives to get our customers the best possible products.

Joking aside, Grant does brew some delicious beer – with Mainsail, Flotilla and Wodehouse all excellent.  We are also excited to announce a Stansted Park Exclusive: Grant is in production with a fourth beer (that Sam made sure to sample) and we will let you know when it launches – but looking forward to sampling the APA myself.

Grant started brewing 8 months ago, and by August he had to buy in new brewing equipment to cope with demand.

It’s a great seller at the Farm Shop, with the presentation packs making an excellent present at £12.50.

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  • Selfless work Sam. I too like to check the quality on a weekly basis and can confirm it’s always great. Loving the kegs too.

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