Pigeon Salad

One of our local farmers, Trevor, shoots pigeon whenever he has the time. Unfortunately for the farmers, but luckily for you, Trevor is not harvesting wheat due to the atrocious weather. Instead he has been sitting, well hidden, shooting pigeon that has been fattening on the wheat, early blackberries and my own dear broad beans.  As a result, the pigeon breasts are plump and seriously tasty.

Pigeon is a very good quality meat, comparable to steak. Two breasts per person on a large salad is a perfect meal for me.  Seared in the pan (or on the BBQ) with a fruity vinaigrette, is the simple way to do it.  However, if you want to take it to the next level, then I found these recipes which had my mouth watering.  Have a look at these for some tempting ideas. The pigeon’s robust flavour allows you to use any of our seasonal ingredients to great effect, so go with wild berries such as cherry or blackberry, or hazelnuts if you can beat the squirrels to them.

Another advantage to this grim weather is that it has brought on an early crop of porcini mushrooms.  That’s top secret information and makes a seriously good combination in a burger.

As a bonus, they are a pest and their numbers need to be controlled. They are completely sustainable, and as they are wild, could not be more healthy to eat, both for you and the environment.

We are selling 4 pigeon breasts for £2.50

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