For the next couple of days, our smoked gammons are only £5/kg (Waitrose Essential smoked gammon is £11.99/kg). These gammons are seriously tasty, easy to prepare and come from Sandridge Farmhouse in Wiltshire, where they rear their own pigs and do all the curing and smoking in the traditional manner. Each gammon is tender, full flavoured and incredible value. If you want to taste how good it is, try some of the ham from the deli counter that Gavin has cooked up.

With our traditional butchery using the whole carcass, there are many cuts that you might not find on the supermarket shelves.  This week we have Oxtail that makes the best stew possible – and fresh calves liver which is a luxury item in any restaurant, but which is so simple to cook at home – and this Rick Stein recipe hits all the right notes for my rumbling belly.

Beef skirt is a hidden treasure – but you do need to know how to prepare it for the best results.  It has the best flavour and is ideal if thinly diced and slow cooked in a ragu (added to our Italian Egg Pappardelli). However, you can also cook it as a steak and is the best meat for fajitas (as any Texan will tell you). Gavin recommends slicing and marinating first for up to 24 hours, before giving it a quick flash in the pan.  This would go well for a skirt steak sandwich with mayo and caramelized onions.  The trick is cut it thinly against the grain and at an angle.