Pannage Pork is pork that has fed off the woodland floor of the New Forest.  It comes from Richard’s farm on the edge of the forest and the pigs trot out from their barn every morning to graze in the forest on whatever takes their fancy.  Their favourite are acorns that they are allowed to hoover up as the acorns are poisonous to the New Forest ponies.  Pannage is an ancient right that goes back to the time of William the Conqueror.

Our pannage pork will arrive next week and will be available to buy from the butchery from Thursday. We will be selling pannage boxes which will have the following contents:

1 x boned and rolled leg joint of 1.5kg

1kg shoulder (Boned and rolled or diced)

1kg spare ribs or belly

1kg pork loin chops

1 pack of sausages

This will cost approximately £45

There will also be individual cuts, but the priority will go to those ordering boxes.  We have sold half the pork already, so let me know if you would like anything before it all goes.

Pannage pork has a rich, succulent and full flavoured taste and is hugely popular with our customers.