With all this lovely, summer weather, it’s time to enjoy salads with local lettuce, tomatoes and roasted veg.  To take the salad to the next level you need a great vinaigrette.  We have some superb oils and vinegars to choose from so that you can rustle up your own vinaigrette, or alternatively we have some delicious pre-made dressings to make life easy for you.

We have two oils, one local, and one from Puglia in Italy.  The Hampshire cold pressed rapeseed oil is delicious and works well with vinaigrettes, giving a nutty taste, while the Zero Olive Oil from Puglia is a fantastic virgin olive oil that has won 2 gold stars in the Great Taste Awards.

We have some outstanding Yarty Vinegars, made in Portsmouth using family recipes for incredible tasting vinegars to suit any salad you are putting together.  Just remember to use 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar and then season to taste.

There are Truffle Oils, Pomegranate dressings and molasses, chilli oils, raspberry and mustard dressing, and lemongras and thyme – to ensure that you are fully dressed for summer.

The first of the local little gem lettuces are now coming through, but then I would bulk up the salad with roast Rogate aparagus, red peppers from Tangmere, and some sliced Jersey Royal potatoes.  Then add seeds or nuts, anchovy or an egg, depending on what you feel like to turn your salad into a proper meal.