Following closely behind the Asparagus comes a lovely line up of locally grown veg which will build towards the summer.  We have a new veg supplier who is able to source more local produce at a better price, so come and have a look.  Some of the veg producers also supply the supermarkets, but the difference here is that the supermarkets ask for the produce to be picked 3 weeks before it is ripe. Our produce is picked within 3 days or less, with some of it picked the day before you buy it from us.  If fruit and veg is picked when it is ripe, it’s at the most delicious and nutritious moment, and short of growing it yourself, you will not get better tasting local veg in season.



We now have the following vegetables that have come directly off the fields around Chichester and Hampshire farms:

  • Nutbourne and Isle of Wight Tomatoes
  • Rogate Asparagus
  • Tangmere Peppers
  • Hairspring Watercress
  • Hampshire Radishes
  • Hampshire Spring Onions
  • Merryhill Mushrooms
  • Chichester Little Gem lettuces

We hope you find the quality and taste outstanding, we have been impressed so far, with the rest of the growing season to look forward to.