The first of the Autumn gales approaches this weekend, and it’s time to relegate salads to the side and bring out the slow cooked comfort food while the rain lashes the windows outside.  We have goat from Southampton, mutton, oxtail and stewing beef, while diced venison and lamb are also delicious in a curry, tagine or casserole.

There is nothing more satisfying than chopping up a few vegetables, browning off the meat, adding stock, herbs or spices, before tucking it into the oven, safe in the knowledge that you can return after a days activities to a warm, comforting meal that’s ready to eat.  The crucial part of this is knowing which cut is going into the slow cooker.  Unidentified ‘braising steak’ off the supermarket shelf may well come out dry and chewy, whereas diced shoulder of goat will break down nicely into melt-in-the-mouth satisfaction.

If you are a big fan of goat or mutton, then we recommend a meat box with a selection of cuts to suit your meals.  If you would prefer large roasting joints, or more diced and minced, then speak to the butcher and organize a meat box.  That way, you can enjoy goat (for example) on different occasions.  Any meat box that totals over £30 will get 10% off.   You could opt for a box containing the family favourites, with beef mince or burgers, some chicken breast, a leg of lamb and some pork belly.  Put your own box together and get a discount.  Either come and chat to Lee the butcher, or contact us via email.