On Wednesday Darren from Beau Farm popped into the shop to see if we know about his goats cheese and whether we were interested. I’m happy to say that their range of goats cheese is superb, with a brie, ash log and gouda that are all delicious, different are now in stock. We will have a little bit of each cheese available to taste (first come first serve) and should be getting a regular supply of these cheeses from now on. Next week we are also hoping to have goat’s milk and yoghurt from Beau Farm as well. Darren will be doing a full cheese tasting at the farm shop on the 17th November.

Beau Farm is a local family farm based in Hampshire. Their goats are free to roam and free to forage in the lush green fields and is the reason their milk tastes so heavenly.

Soft Cheese – £5.30
Beautiful batten of snow-white rinded cheese with light chalky like texture inside. Flavours are fresh, clean with a hint of lemon zest, ideal with a sweet accompaniment like honey or chutney. Can be warmed as a starter dressed with a rocket or crumbled into a salad.

Brie – £5.30
This beautiful bloomy rind with a delicate buttery texture hidden inside. Palate taste is mild and creamy but as it naturally matures so does the flavours intensify, leaving the mouth pallet lightly content with mature creamy texture.

Gouda is second nature to our cheese -maker, as her homeland is the Netherlands. Our Gouda has a hard-dense appearance, and it varies from younger varieties to more matures ones. A young Gouda has a mild, smooth flavour that can be compared to caramel, toffee-like taste. As it matures, it develops the richness of flavour and cheese crystals, creating an enjoyable and unique texture.

We have 6 month matured (£3.50/100g) and 12 month matured (£3.80/100g)