We are thrilled to have Northney Farm’s fresh milk available to buy from a dispenser by the litre, so you can either bring in your own bottle, or invest in one of our glass milk bottles that you can re-use, saving on plastic packaging.  Available by the litre, the milk costs £1.20/litre and our glass bottles are available for £1.

Based besides the sea on Hayling Island, Northney Farm has 120 Ayrshire cows in its dairy herd. They are favoured over the familiar black and white Holstein stock because Ayrshires are very hardy and long lived – reaching 15 to16 years of age.

The herd is what is called a ‘closed herd’ which means that new animals are born and bred within the herd itself rather than being bought in from other farms.

The milk is as it should be: whole, full flavoured and un-homogenised.  The cows graze on the salt marshes that lie above the sea wall that was originally built in Roman times.

Gavin visited the farm recently as we are hoping that Northney Farm will start making our own Ice Cream.  The milk is delicious, so come and pour yourself a bottle for this weekend.