Calf’s liver is a true delicacy that is in danger of being well and truly forgotten.  It’s almost impossible to buy fresh calf’s liver in a supermarket, and I’ve no idea what happens to it all.  I presume that it is shipped to the continent where they still fully appreciate these things.

However, I urge you to get calf’s liver back on your menu.  It’s incredibly simple and quick to cook (medium rare – as it will get tough and leathery if you overcook it), and has a luxurious, silken texture that turns this simple dish into a delicacy.

I would also encourage more nose to tail eating.  We should appreciate and enjoy the whole carcass, not just the fillet or sirloin steaks.  It makes for more adventurous cooking, and a wider repertoire.

There are a couple of things to remember – do not freeze your calf’s liver as it becomes granular and loses it’s smooth consistency, and I repeat…. do not overcook it.  If you are trying calf’s liver for the first time, you can ask our butcher for a small slice which you can try alongside a salad as a starter to see if you like it.

This recipe is from Simon Hopkinson:

Calf’s liver with sweet and sour onions

and this recipe is a bit more complicated, but you can nick elements from it such as the sage salsa verde.

Calf’s liver, mashed potato, bacon and melted onions

The conclusion is that calf’s liver goes extremely well with onions and bacon and we should all be trying some.