Mortimer’s Hot Chocolate is seriously chocolately without being too sweet.  It’s easy to use, while being indulgent, rich and smooth: perfect after a cool autumn walk.

Adrian Smith has spent his career in chocolate, and has sourced, blended and created chocolate powders for hot chocolate and baking.

“My Chocolate is exciting: its flavour as complex as wine or coffee. As a botanist, I started my career working on the fermentation of the cocoa bean, later becoming responsible for cocoa quality and selecting cocoa by taste in the growing regions.  Back then these wonderfully different cocoa beans were blended with sugar and milk to produce uniform, corporate, mass produced chocolate. We needed a Chocolate Revolution! So today, I select the finest cocoa ingredients, paying a premium for the best quality.  I make my own crafted pure chocolate powder, here in the UK, which allows you to experience a luxurious drink and discover the complex flavours of real chocolate.”  Adrian Smith (Founder).

You can make a serious hot chocolate, chocolate brownies, cakes, sauces and fondues using Mortimer’s chocolate, with a 30% cocoa, and a more grown up 70% available.  We also have salted caramel flavoured.  You can find a list of very simple recipes on their website here….

We will also have hot chocolate available from the deli to enjoy in the Farm Shop.  Adrian will also be doing a tasting of his hot chocolate on Saturday September 28th from 11am, so come and have a taste and see what you think?