There are so many good reasons to eat game, the meat is healthy, low in fat and delicious, and usually completely sustainable.   We want to encourage eating game wherever possible, and we have a full array of options as we move into this year’s game season.

While our butchery counter is now stocking venison, partridge and the occasional rabbit and wood pigeon (pheasant will join shortly), we have some fantastic shop products that use game as a main ingredient.  Taste of Game have brought out a range of game flavoured crisps, and we are currently stocking the delicious Wild Boar and Apple flavour, and Smoked Pheasant and wild mushroom crisps.  We also have Wild Boar Pate.  This is a great way to introduce game to people who may be wary about trying it.

From our deli and kitchen we will have venison pie available from this weekend, and our special in the kitchen is Partridge, Fig and Hazelnut salad with pomegranate molasses.

In the butchery, we have every cut of venison available, as well as oven ready partridge.  Partridge is a great way to introduce people to game, it’s slightly more gamey than chicken, but is still pretty delicate.  It’s delicious roasted with a little streaky bacon and Lee will be preparing some off the bone.