Our friends and neighbours The Condiment Company have been making wonderful condiments since 1986, mostly for other brands, but also their own brand which is the best of the best.  It is all made by the Baker family on the Watergate Estate, about 1.5miles Northeast of the Farm Shop.

All of their condiments are manufactured in small batches, ensuring that each and every one of their condiments is made with the freshest product available.

Their classic mayonnaise has won Gold at the Great Taste Awards and there’s a good variety to choose from, either in the shop or online.

Their salad dressings make life very easy, especially with the glut of summer salads and tomatoes that we currently have, while their Dill Mustard Sauce is perfect with smoked Chalkstream Trout and some Danish Rye Bread.

Their Horseradish Sauce is so punchy, the Condiment Company team wear gas masks when they make it.  If you are going to buy horseradish sauce, you want it to taste of horseradish, and this does the job.  It’s an essential component to any Sunday Roast.

If you haven’t already had a jar, make sure to get your condiment from one of our best and most local producers.